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This will help you save time & ad spend from all the trial & error you’ll do by yourself.

Our training is beginner and intermediate-level friendly. Whether you’re running ads or you’ve never run them, you’ll learn 🙂

Aashna Makin

Real life applications

Running successful ad campaigns is more than just hitting that ‘publish’ button in your ads manager.

Our recorded training will help you get started, module by module AND the juiciest of all – LIVE sessions will help you actually LAUNCH your ad campaign with me 🙂

100% Money Back Guaranteed

Attend the training, and for some reason you don’t love it in the first LIVE session, Please take your money back!

No questions asked, EVER!🙂

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Hey! Does any of this resonate with you? You’ve probably seen countless posts in different Facebook groups from people who’ve experimented with various courses and are now searching for the real stuff.

Beyond the theory…

When I first set out to learn about paid ads, I was captivated by the promise of countless hours and numerous modules in various courses, believing they’d provide everything I needed to run profitable ad campaigns.

However after spending $$ on various courses, 6+ years running over 150+ campaigns, I have realized it’s about the actionable processes & systems.

That’s what we do here at Super Ads – Training you on things you should actually know to implement & not just definitions

We’ll teach you EVERYTHING we know about
Google Ads (pinky promise)

This was my first time meeting Aashna and she was very friendly and super nice. As a fourth year student who is interested in marketing, I wanted to learn more about how once can stand out and get general advice. Aashna went out of her way to explain to me provide very helpful tips regarding demand generation and google ads. She was very helpful and provided me with extra resources as well.
Moumita Chanda
4th year, Schulich School of Business, Canada

Remember, it’s not about spending more, it’s about spending smarter

Get nuggets of knowledge in bite-sized video lessons & then come attend the LIVE SESSION

You’ll further learn:

-When to launch a remarketing campaign? (beyond the click, click, click information)

– What metrics to look at after launching your campaign?

– When not to make changes to your campaign

What will you do?

This is Not Netflix. Don’t binge watch our programs – Instead go through the training videos, attend the LIVE session & we promise you’ll feel confident about FACEBOOK ADS

Want to launch your first campaign or get out of the “stop-start cycle” for good and finally run profitable campaigns?

Bonus Goodies

Our training programs are not just solutions; they are transformative experiences

Simplified programs to learn paid ads​

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Here's What People Are Saying

I came to Aashna because I was unsure if my brand reflected correctly what I am doing in my business. Aashna critiqued my website and saw things in marketing that I was not effectively doing and helped me put a plan in place for my launch that will make a huge difference. I am now more confident in my brand and ready to launch!
Emily Elizabeth
For a beginner in digital marketing and confused at where to begin, Aashna gave me a very clear understanding of what I need to do as a social media manager. She not only gave me a general outline but connected with my background and shared her insights on what would be best. I now have guideline to my journey as a social media manager. Thank you so much!
Mansi Oli
Student of Bachelors in Business Adminstration, Majoring in Marketing
Aashna at least tripled my knowledge and understanding of Paid Ads as a platform for business growth in our training session. Her depth and breadth of knowledge was incredible but she also explained the intricacies of the Google Ads platform in a way that was confidence building.
Kate Ann
YouTube Channel Manager, UK
Aashna is very articulate. She adds valuable insights from her experience. She answered all of my questions with skill and patience and I now have a firm understanding of the role paid ads can play in business.
Sree Harsha
Immigration consultant, Toronto

Your Instructor:

Aashna Makin

A passionate digital marketer with over 6+ years of experience. Worked for over 150 different business niches in North America, generating high quality leads and scaling their business to the next level of growth using paid ads (Google & Facebook).

Have profitably managed over $15M in ad spend and continue to work with companies invested into strategic marketing

I’m committed to making sure you don’t waste any of your precious time, money & effort on aimless information.

Because I was once there too. And it wasn’t a pleasant experience to learn all these things by myself or go from program to program to try & figure out how it all works.

Thanks for reading and allowing SuperAds to guide you in your advertising journey.

100% Money Back Guaranteed

Attend the training, and for some reason you don’t love it in the first LIVE session, Please take your money back!

No questions asked, EVER!🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

Elite Facebook Ads Training with a Media Buying professional who does this day-in, day-out. The best way to learn Facebook Ads 🙂

– New Media Buyers

– Marketers who want to start with Facebook Ads

– Marketers from non-paid media backgrounds (social media managers, content writers and the like)

This is a limited time offer where your live session is included. So far we’ve increased our price as the demand for real stuff rises and we’re improving it regularly.

The best time to hop in is definitely right now.

Nothing beats actual experience but there’s tremendous value in getting a feel of what running Facebook Ads is actually like. This will help you save time from all the trial & error you’ll do by yourself.

If you prefer training from a practitioner instead of hype gurus or merely “famous” people who’s actually doing this day-in, day-out, this training is for you.

Absolutely. You can attend the first class & if you feel this is not for you, just message me & I’ll send you a complete refund, no questions asked 🙂

Because knowing Paid Ads is a superpower – I’m biased of course 😉

If you feel you should learn more about Facebook Ads, then it’s best to avoid outdated Youtube trainings & learn from a practitioner.

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