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New to Facebook Ads?

Launch your first campaign with this power packed but super simple bootcamp 👇
Want to become an elite Facebook Ads master?
Join the most hands-on, practical and no-fluff program to master Facebook Ads the right way👇
New to Google Ads?
Launch your first campaign with this power packed but simple bootcamp 👇
Want to become an elite Google Ads master?
Join the most hands-on, practical and no-fluff program to master Google Ads the right way 👇​

As a fourth year student who is interested in marketing, I wanted to learn more about how once can stand out and get general advice. Aashna went out of her way to explain to me provide very helpful tips regarding demand generation and google ads.

She was very helpful and provided me with extra resources as well.


Moumita Chanda

4th year, Schulich School of Business, Canada

For a beginner in digital marketing and confused at where to begin, Aashna gave me a very clear understanding of what I need to do as a social media manager. She not only gave me a general outline but connected with my background and shared her insights on what would be best. I now have guideline to my journey as a social media manager. Thank you so much!


Mansi Oli

Student of Bachelors in Business Adminstration, Majoring in Marketing

Aashna at least tripled my knowledge and understanding of Paid Ads as a platform for business growth in our training session.

Her depth and breadth of knowledge was incredible.

She also explained the intricacies of the Google Ads platform in a way that was confidence building.


Kate Ann

YouTube Channel Manager, UK

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We built SuperAds because we know, first hand, the power of Advertising. But we also know how hard it is to find really good knowledge about it. We went through the struggles ourselves. 

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